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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  January 31, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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el bievewai csn'tg omin.back y nieverghtgoshe drt all d upesse... d waan.ited burlt a gie gi likldadncoulnd't sta kno notwingwhthe hiy of tngs. soec she didedwato serllow h prided coano me t.see me atthas wde wonulrf. [ pedoor oclosns, es ]
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hello. mb remee ?er m gii'm oulda, yfe.r wi reme ?mber yo n'u have t beenou aratnd lely. th i t maoughyoybe u weremn an a vicesiaortim hi sometng. got gha lit ?
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yo losu'reweing ight. is thm vacuuvii'm i mi innd giv a rg men easono? llt at a . yo hu'vehad sucfu a ife ll lo up tnow... oughi thlit a ttle anpeace ietd quwo yuld dod.ou goo ougive yto time nk. thith ouink ab ?t what wo ituld o be to corny say tor yousins ? ye wos, it uld., well ii said t. re cyou'yeockennd, johaly, ckeyl coed. figu i thred at's hewhat tl wa deas. you' etre gveting ewin e foth mmer sothing. we'r eae grlet peopr foing gett,evenen ar j't we,y ?ohnn weare ar ? e en't w ? 't didn e i getwithven youwa for oulking met onby in marrying ball ?'s tht jus the deadn's -- and i' and ad.m glwh yoat do k u thinhat of t? as he we, insannny. joh
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, johnnye's therr neve been y anybodyou but meand . osall thingse thi redid we... st juke to ma yououjealnns, joh y. th neere's beenver an buybody ant you .d me annot ?ybody t an noy.ybod at a wh yboutsbour huand ? ou if y for canhiget asm so e ily, coulyou rgd fo oet thetothers o. erbut thren'e we t heany ot rs ! youwhenit adm them. wh ouen y t admit hem telland wh me wo theyere. yo uldnu wohi't t wnk one oman d macoultwrry neo insa men ne lin oimifet e,
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jo[ arhnny n ]ratingshe 'twasnd scareyet... usbecae die shdn'te quite realizyet. rinow,ght shjue was inst pla, madd ans she wag hittin.back yi wanttrou to d loy an cate. a mrvagabe eor mns fe. al try e hol th itelscin the ty, locabut imte h . rr[ nag coatinuentins ]ulshe co findn'tm,d hi ssousthe jreouached ant for .yone wthey't herentoard finda for likgirllde gi a. thite wad er tolhimad ahe hep telalhone c l. e ony meof mnd grabbetshim ouide. erhe neve ba camck. unshe fobod somelse,dy eofe. cours wherbut severt,he wenatwh sheever-- did itally fin t goto her bthats aiuenoreshewas prr own e privat.ison
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e sho went tevidmonteo,a got ngjob siing nin aubightcl , stdiarted e prvorcdioceengst and men.a ma mado a mio e me lovev for er l andevet for er in beght tonig o amad mio w 'rhen wethe toge er n i'm im a dread worl f ot desweet ligh an ms y timehii've wed sper am o miad o t ijustwas hr a p ase i thatrd i heaayn pls
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ut bhe now wisn i wh per miamado o an c t't youi caell re he by tng feelire the it forscomefr heom my art y mdeone en avor ve my lo dar, my ling wil tl be yo hold ou hol andu d yo tight ado am mio ov l fore me ever et and lever for in beg
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ad amo o mi ov lore me f ever a et fnd lerorev b egin
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"l orevet fe er bt.tonighis" t a tha, date?gilda can' i ket maor any f ever s, tdate iom. 't havenen ev my gotrcdivoe yet. n'i havey rit antoght i . wadon't ou tnt yo. me wanthato w t ? diget a e.vorc yo t u don' ? a e divorctyou gein m vionteitdeo, w hout husyour'sbandnt conse , ll n wi severptand u a intinargen. n' i do tt want baco go k ento argvetina e r. so t di whaenfferdoce -es it-or a met ho . u yontmay wa h to go ometisomerlme, daing. er wh youeverfo go thr oe restur lf yo ife,ll you'ed be tihim. to ll you' b neveree.e fr
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r nevenydoes a good run toy, awa. gilda go to back s buenos. aire. no an and get ulme annnt. ldyou tour me yoband husle ift youtemmedia afly thter moe cereny. s there'g i i'lland wi be , th youg,darlinrigh yt bydeour si m everye.inut m i' ga verywyood la er,knyou ow. mi'veneore mothy knoan iatw wh w to doith. i' mm very uch ove in l ywithou. th kinat's ad offi terricoc atiombinonn, d t't youhink ? 's thatof kind a te icrrifna combition. th e e plan aleaves00.t 2:at th 2:00 de next yoay bu'll.e free in darltterg, urely f e. i tdidn't hink everi'd st tru a a man gain ong as l las iived, t bu ghere iain.o ag
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m, tos is thith l e hotearcentenio. n' isllt it aht ? rigi ldwas toa it't' hotgoodel. y, whnk i thiwo it's ful.nderju dest wonrful. i' itll do yo. agur b bs will e up minin a sute,ir. yothank ir.u, s e thswlight itch ightis re herersomewhife, memo my oery daisn't fl me. laokay, rd.ngfo i' o itll dwa any y.
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ldidn'td angfor youtell ? s there'h no sucg thin a asntnnulmege in ara.ntin i' et ill gywt ani ay ! will !'ll ianget me annulnt ! wi i i ll ! !willll i't get i'll ! iitget ! geti'll! it ge i'll t it !sobb [ hying alstericly ] , jo oh,hnnyea pl mse let.e go sepleae let mgo. n't i cad stanmoit anyre. i wadon't thnt anyfroming . you pl but ...ease etjust le mgo. i th t ough ait wasto nice uch,gibrin bng youreack he . ny johnt me, lel tel you thabout ightat n. i t wadon'o nt t hear thabout ightat n. n't caunyou ndderstai ? t wadon'o nt t hear thabout ightat n.
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s - i wag waitinyou,for rrmr. fa ell. nd a- fiinnythreg inte?sting at wh you arest fallingwaor anyy ? don'why u t yothclose t e join ifup bo it yothers ucu so mh ? y wh tdo you we'hinkllve a owed sithe cao stno tpeay on ? us becasmare a p t cotdoesn're ar purst anase s..tcher. if lit thethtle ief eawill lm tod hith ere bigg. crime do i own't knt whau' yokire talutng abo . no we ku'rew yo h the ead unof a tn mogstelynopomr, el. farr l. wh waat we o knnt t ow nis the ames he pof tciartipants. i l stilkndon't t-ow wha wh- ouat ylk're taouing ab t. i' aill w t. yo bu'reg reakin up inttle lice piet s righntin froof m esy eykn, you ow. eaam i w youringn, dowho i pe ?
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re ally ? i'well, e ll hav tato lke ameook sotime. hadn i ot't n -- ig b [ b]and w eyhen th the hadth ear quake s inrancan f isco b in 1ack 906 y thehasaid tt moold atther n ure w toas up ld her ocks tri t thhat's orye st enthat wndt arou b e'ut herres the owdoal l wn ut pla the bmame on boysme, the putme blame on ma ne n o sightrthe sta ed him to sshand ake
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u so yoput can blthe ame am on moys e, b put b then lame o mame on they ace hadotin sho ' n up ionthe klkedi he wey gn thanot dw mcgre f erolks wttine pu ' bl the ame on l theowady knoun as l tha tht's ye storth ent at wndarou b ere'ut he s thowreal l down t putmehe blamame on ys, bo p but then lame o mame e mamdadid a nce lled ca h thee-ootchi coo t s thhat'ine th g lethat sgreww mc
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ut pla the b me o n mame [ n ]ma avo br b! vo !ra re more ! more ! mo ! - i' t m nooovery gipd at z. pers[ - erlaught ] bu ybe t ma hif ie ad somhelp. - eli'll hu. p yoi - exam an pert. cr[ ugowd lahing,shou ]ting [ kispeancng fre h, stinindict ] ow blgu, you ys. te ti ha to do his, u but yo, joknow.hnny
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ht[ laug er, outi shtong sps ] d whatu meo yoy-an b - no eyw thno all k iw what am,thand ulat sho d makeu ha yo jppy,ohnny. n it'sjuo use yost owu kniting hn, jony. w th nolley ath know that ghtye minn johely farrgol ken.t ta.. d ane that hd marrie a--re[ scams ] gethe hrmaneeas bren ar.stedhe l wil ugive s inthe atformweion t. wan w noweall t wan yfromreou ath tee paannts e d themagre entsar bething gne siesatur. le tt meyoell yu whwe t mus..know.
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heso tn y cabeecpros lutedlyegal foreabr tkingnthe astitrus. law u yo'tdidnr heaa oword, f ityodid u ? l alcayou inn th k of t isayhe wda gilke loo yd at ou ywhentrou sheuck snr, it 't i? twyou dso kie lov oeach theret prerty ty,ribl't don ? you ha i erte h. 'sthatt whaani me. tit'soshe mrit cu ousve loe -haterpattn... i' veve edr hath ive pre ilegitof winnessg. asand g lon as reyou'si as n ck ihethe ad ouas y a are hbouter, yo nu'reblot a te to hinkou abytt an chinglylear. l alt,righ f mr.llarre. yo uu're andertrresfo ler ily gallatoper ingga a ngmbliin caso. m i'a gonnyolet ayu ste herun prder tiotecusve c.tody se ornd fwh me ouen yca stn't itand mo anyre.
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i oucan itt-wa, youmr rr. faell. yo e,u seav i h e lathe mw ondey si. 's iter a v y orcomfe tablinfeelg. 's itet som yhing ou t oughryto tet somime. ei leght twft, -fentyriour ght,o tw, leftntseverieen ght. yo t u go ?thati' otve g it. tthat'sbihe comon nati t toe.he saf er ths e'ytevernghith in eeryo wau annt, nod gthin in there that i want. no t'. tha s atcathe wasino, iting. ouwhen yly finalt fo sen,r mese i gnt for.ilda goshe's homeing u , yoknow. me hoea ? cl ?r home le the u ast yod docoulis oo say g d-byed wi anersh h luck. sh s e makeown her .luck duhow amb cane man b
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e do mra favod anout get erof hree befo you ize real awhatyo heel eeu've b n. i dncoulr 't beatoit you seeak bre downfe and ike el lmaa hug.n bein i' verym a si senantive mfo, cop.r a lda gi'tdidn do tany of thihose ngsve you'lo been slesingveep o r. an not hey of t m. jit wasan aust ct,y ever ibit of t. an gd i'llu ive yoit.credyo au were a greatnce,udiemr el. farr l. yowould ke, u liapperha s, ritiny df amnk oiabros , suit oable nly gofor a s ?ddes no, k thanyou.
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t don'abthink it.out ci a e,garettps perha ? d blendethof neste fiac tobcos... fr mom themaost ro nticesplace of thworld. thanno, u.k yo ll it aks l looy,oneles do ?n't it al thl bad ingsupend y, lonele littlone. kn i t,ow tha i don't ? u yoepcan ker si youeplly igramsou to yf, crsel yan'tou ?
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i hearre you' h goingome. caye.od-b nt i wago to th wigi you, lda. se pleae me tak. ow i knid i der ev wythingrong. is it wn't rfondeul ? dy hnoboo as tizapologe... beca ..use. ere we w sbothinuch st kers,ren' we ?t we is it wn't rfondeul ?
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i ididn'tntend comtocke baon so sobu,wantt i wi my fe. .johnny yo ghu thouedt i dithat ht nig't, didn you ? d mu mered aan... an ghd thou simt it pleris to d fappear whior a le,'s that all. me i cae to the housat th t nightgio get lda,akto twie her th me. but uni foocd her ..cupied . ywithhnou, jony. d nei har ithemethe tir noinclthe ioinatann for ot eml scionaatene om the ment. he by te th timrbe haicor polree d thacheane plkae wrecge... s i waofgone, e, coursin t auhe lhanch i ind wait g. dnyou diee m't s e utparach de out,ou ?id y weyou seren't ereing vearly cl y igthat nwaht anyere y, w?you n emotioapis so tot ud clora the bn'in, is ?t it inte i tnded yo killwiou his,th tnn joh y. ghi thou amut itsingavto hofe one mylelittds frienth kill her.e ot t bu wnow it do.on't..
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ldi to you li'd beng--ooki oa[ gr ns ] gu [ t ]nsho in[ sobbg ] gild a. bett eter gf out o here,cle un qpio,uick ! kn you m ow, i'eat a gr cop,fa mr. rrell. m ce i'nlrtaishy a pu over a lofor tove sry. ow ti knomhe conbinati t ofafe,he s i and don't w know theheree safis. ? huh e th safe.e whert ?is i it n 's iomhis ro t onall,he wba thck of .e desk
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u ha yove. u yon'shoulde t leavgs thinke lila that roying awherund e gei can ant my hn thds oem. 's he, lyinglike g theanentlemal i saiways wd heas. mr ce. poli man,asit w i-- oukeep yuth r mo.shut u yocan two bquitobeing nanle e yoytimkeu likn, you ow, beca a use n man caieonly donce d , ann mundsotecommit sud e icidmothree gonths a . si beiddes, du n't yo ever ohearinf a thedg calljust blifiacie homide ? jo lehnny, ht's goome. golet's home.
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